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How will I know if I’m hiring the right software development company?


— Evi R.
Founder & CEO Emyoli Technologies

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  • Your Full-Service Technology Partner

    At Emyoli, one of the top mobile app and offshore software development companies, we develop high-performing mobile applications, help customers utilize Amazon’s AWS hosting environment, and enable companies to leverage our cost-effective expertise of offshore software development teams.

Our Services

  • Emyoli offshore

    “Emyoli has a rich offshore portfolio which can be activated quickly and they are all carefully checked."

  • Emyoli apps

     “Their professionalism, accountability, and accessibility make Emyoli my first choice."

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  • Emyoli Apps: Reliable & Timely Development

    Emyoli Apps: Reliable & Timely Development

    In today’s mobile-centric marketplace, app development using both native and cross-platform technologies holds a huge profit potential. Emyoli develops custom apps (mobile and web) for businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to global corporations, and has the expertise to handle the entire development lifecycle: specs and design, software engineering, hosting and integration, and deployment.

    Whether your app is designed for education, life style, productivity, dating, social networking, business, or another purpose, our team has the foresight to ensure a functional, stable, intuitive and great-looking finished product. We’re known for creating apps that offer consistent performance, scalability, and flexibility – you’ll be known for your credibility.

  • Emyoli Offshore: Affordable Outsourced Solutions

    Emyoli Offshore: Affordable Outsourced Solutions

    Many of today’s businesses have discovered the huge cost-saving benefits of outsourced solutions. Emyoli helps companies leverage the affordable expertise of a network of highly experienced, talented, and reliable professional software development teams in Eastern Europe, carefully leading them through the often fragile process. Whether you’re interested in an initial development solution or looking to complement your own R&D division, Emyoli guarantees that your offshore team will have the required skillsets to deliver precisely what you need. By saving money – and increasing quality and performance - you’ll enjoy a significant boost in ROI.

  • Emyoli 360⁰: The Best of All Worlds

    In today’s constantly changing and highly competitive tech field, there’s no “one size fits all” approach. Emyoli 360⁰ gives you the freedom to leverage all three of our core services in one bundled package. Get custom app development with Emyoli Apps, host your data and applications on Amazon Web Services with Emyoli Cloud, and utilize the expertise of global development teams through Emyoli Offshore.


At Emyoli, we’re dedicated to helping businesses increase their bottom line through targeted technology services. Serving as professional, fully accountable partners to our clients, we provide them with the essential technologies they need to grow their businesses, earn the trust of their customers, and enjoy priceless peace of mind.

A privately held company, Emyoli works with companies of various sizes and specialties. We pride ourselves on offering personalized client service, quick responsiveness, and complete transparency throughout every project. Above all, we operate in accordance with a strict code of ethics and honesty.

Our hand-picked team offers a rare combination of tech knowledge and business savvy. Your dedicated project manager will work with you to create a fully custom, high-performing, and completely reliable solution to support your business processes and objectives.