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  • By David Finkelstein, CEO & Founder at BrightCard LTD

    “Evi has many qualities I was seeking for this important project. Aside from his technical understanding of my requirements (RoR, AWS, etc), he quickly understood my business requirements, and was able to translate that to the tech team. He was an excellent communicator throughout the process, and was very responsive to all issues which arose. I would highly recomend him for any other development project, and I intend to use his services again in the future.”

  • By Brian Jurutka, Founder at sms2list

    “When it comes to building a robust mobile app that can compete and stand out in today’s crowded mobile app industy, there’s no doubt that Emyoli is one of the best in the business if not the best.”

  • By Dave Greetly Founder at myGreetly.com

    “Was an absolute pleasure to work with a company like Emyoli that delivers on time and on budget.”

  • By Amit Gal – Alon, Founder & CEO at Muscle and Motion

    “I am very grateful for Emyoli’s service and dedication and am confident that Muscle & Motion is covered for the long term by this talented, reliable tech provider. “

  • By Darren Adams Founder at Hallchatter

    “Emyoli did an amazing job for us as a genuine turnkey service provider. The team has cutting-edge talent, willingness to work hard and accountability to their actions. They are defined as an outsource company but in practice made us feel they are an integral part of our team. For this I am grateful and by no doubt will continue to trust Emyoli’s services in the future. ”

  • By Charles Sankowitch, CEO & Founder at Friendthem

    "I had the good fortune to bring on Emyoli in Aug, 2013 and they change my business overnight. Before they were on board, I was dealing with the most unethical and unprofessional engineers and quite frankly, I was getting ripped off. I knew nothing of the business and I had nowhere to turn. I thank God for the Emyoli introduction because it has been the polar opposite from what I had been dealing with for the previous 2 years from day one. Integrity, knowledge, responsiveness and professionalism from the start and this has never wavered. Emyoli has been the reason I have had the chance to succeed. Without them, I would of drowned. My business would of had to fold without them. I am eternally grateful for their services."

  • By Gary Apple Founder at Rzmble

    “The team at Emyoli controls the process of developing a mobile app realizing it’s a business. Their turnkey approach helps in managing the overall aspects of our business. To me Evi is an acting CTO I can trust to deliver a top notch software product while managing behind him a team of engineers and designers implementing our company’s roadmap and doing so in an unparalleled quality, in a professional manner, responsible and mature. hiring Emyoli was a key decision in driving our business forward. Emyoli provides best in class quality and for the right price.”

  • By Terence Tan, Founder of the BidTutor app

    “Emyoli provided clear milestones with tasks accountability. They were also able to give solid suggestions to improve the requirements and behavior of the end-product. Good quality design and coding. By no doubt, Emyoli is a 5 stars company - would love to work with them again”

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