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Truth be told, there are countless of dating apps aiming to lead a person to a potential date, and the introduction of a new one wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Yet TrueView is different – in fact, this app has been dubbed as the “next big thing in online dating” and the “Facebook of the dating world”. This app has unexpectedly achieved success in a competitive market simply by integrating a real-time micro-blogging experience into the usual experiences of a dating site.

If someone told you that an up-and-coming shopping app is poised to make a billion sales every year, you might be thinking that he’s joking. After all, Alibaba, which launched in 1999, got nearly $400 billion in 2014, while Amazon, which went live in 1995, did an estimated $180 million in gross merchandise volume in 2014. Growing an online shop definitely takes time.