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Founded in 2001 as MultifitOnLine, Muscle&Motion aims to enhance an individual's understanding of the muscular mechanics involved in particular movements of the human body. With this ideology, Muscle&Motion aims to improve the results while reducing a person's risk of injury.

All these were the brainchild of Amit Gal Alon and his co-founder, Dr. Gill Solberg. After enduring four different battles with cancer, Amit finally rejuvenated himself, both physically and spiritually, through the form of weight training and art.

Currently, Muscle&Motion caters to over a million users, but did you know that this was made possible by Emyoli, a company offering offshore software development services?

Turning a Sideline to a Full-Fledged Business

Though Amit and his team at Muscle&Motion has been providing its services to some people, he thought that he could improve his product even further. Thus, two years ago, he began looking for a tech provider to revamp his product and breathe life into it. This is where he found Emyoli.

Emyoli was able to provide Amit's business not only a new website, but also a full-featured web app and an Android and iOS app. Along the way, Evi Rachmilewitz and his team at Emyoli was able to provide Amit a much-needed guidance in the aspect of mobile marketing.

Though difficulties are only to be expected in the development of these apps, the team at Emyoli was able to handle every single step, be it website construction, payment integration, data migration, IT issues, or formatting the app for different platforms, with confidence.

More, More, More

Currently, Muscle&Motion is experiencing more traction, more visibility, and more revenues after Emyoli provided its expertise. In fact, Muscle&Motion is nearing a million users and counting, and Emyoli made it possible for them. In Amit's own words, their business is now bringing in consumers and organizations alike and is on track to meet many, if not all, of its business goals.

Looking back, Amit expressed his satisfaction with Emyoli's services. "Not only did I get a company with unrivaled technical expertise, but one with an unparalleled sense of dedication and customer service as well. Day in and day out, it didn't matter when - weekends, holidays, late at night, early in the morning - the team at Emyoli was always there."

Experience the same benefits when you entrust all your software development needs to a reliable offshore software development company like Emyoli, and you can only focus on running your business!

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Making millions out of creating mobile apps may seem like a faraway dream, but it's a dream that Fitness22 is living today. This company, hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, developed a dozen fitness apps (so far) and is currently making millions of dollars a year.

Like other mobile app development companies, however, the company and its owner, Benny Shaviv, didn't have an easy ride to the success they're experiencing today. Take a look at the story of Fitness22, a tiny company in Israel that's raking in millions every year.


Borne Out of a "Colossal Failure"

Fitness22 is living proof of how hobbies can turn into a profitable activity, and how second chances work like a charm. Before establishing Fitness22, Shaviv had a previous startup, which he described as a "colossal failure". He lost a huge amount of money and even his home trying to help his previous startup take off, to no avail.

As a consolation and as a gift for his 41st birthday, his dad bought him a high-end Mac. This is where Shaviv began coding as a hobby, thus becoming the seed that would one day bring him success.

ver 30 Million Downloads

Combining his love of coding and fitness, Shaviv founded Fitness22, formerly ClearSkyApps, in 2012. Specializing in the development of fitness apps, Fitness22 charges $2 to $6 for each app, along with bundle offers ranging from $9 to $25.

Among their dozen fitness apps, their most popular app is the 5K Runner, which basically helps a person prepare for a 5K race in 8 weeks. Some of their apps mostly help people train for runs and marathons, while others focus on getting people into shape. Currently, their apps has wracked up to 30 million downloads on the App Store alone, helping Shaviv and his company earn millions a year.

Unveiling the Secret

One particularly striking thing about Fitness22 is that they were able to manage such a feat despite the absence of marketing or ad campaigns and investors. The secret, according to Shaviv, is two-fold: first, they created highly-targeted apps that can do one thing very well. Second, by optimizing for long-tail searches through precise names and detailed descriptions, they made sure that people looking for particular features would easily find his apps.

This can be your success story, too. Work with a mobile app development company and see how your business can rake in millions with apps.


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