Making Exciting Ideas Work through Mobile App Development Companies

Mon 19 September 2016 Written by Evi

Truth be told, there are countless of dating apps aiming to lead a person to a potential date, and the introduction of a new one wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Yet TrueView is different – in fact, this app has been dubbed as the “next big thing in online dating” and the “Facebook of the dating world”. This app has unexpectedly achieved success in a competitive market simply by integrating a real-time micro-blogging experience into the usual experiences of a dating site.

As a mobile app development company would tell you, TrueView is just among the many examples of successful apps grounded on solid ideas.

How it works?

In using other dating apps, people tend to give themselves an amount of creative license, especially when it comes to creating their profile. Such practice, however, is artifice, and wouldn’t bode well for a healthy long-term relationship. You’ll want to start one grounded on honesty.

TrueView dares to change the notion of online dating. This app enables its users to create a profile and update it minute-by-minute, just like what they would do on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Before you dismiss it as another social media app, though, you’ll be interested to know that the app would then use these updates to match you with possible dates having similar interests.

When you open the app, you’ll be offered a blank box wherein you could write whatever you want to share. You may even share what you’re currently doing and mark your location to look for potential dates nearby. This app is grounded in the ancient wisdom of just being yourself to achieve a long-term relationship.

A successful venture

Founders Andrew Ibbotson, Matt Verity, and Damian Mitchell found much promise with their idea that they quit their day jobs just to focus on developing and improving TrueView. In fact, they were able to secure big-time funding for this venture. In an interview, the founders called their app an “exciting new approach to the online dating industry.”

“Online dating is a saturated market, in which businesses believe it helps to give you hundreds of results (including out-of-date profiles), most of which don’t fit the bill.” TrueView, on the other hand, narrows down user’s choices by providing only matches that are relevant to their interests.

Small businesses, and even budding entrepreneurs, can find inspiration from apps like TrueView. Along with the help of mobile app development companies like Emyoli, groundbreaking ideas can be transformed into apps that have the potential of reaching millions of people.

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