Brainstorming with App Developers for Hire? Keep These 4 Apps in Mind

Wed 17 August 2016 Written by Evi

Are you finally executing an app idea you’ve had for a while? You may have very sound plans in your head, and a team of competent app developers for hire at your back, but there’s still one thing you need to do. You need to scope out which apps are clicking, which apps are not, and which apps aren’t there so you can fill in the gap.

To jumpstart your review, here’s a short list of top-grossing apps on the U.S. iOS store in the first week of August 2016.



The rapidfire matchmaking app, Tinder, ranks first among Lifestyle apps. This might not come as a surprise for the category – romance is always on people’s minds.

On the other hand, the second-highest top-grosser might, even if it’s certainly interesting. The app is called, and it helps users find, screen, and book sitters, nannies, caregivers, and – as the production description calls it – “date night helpers.” Talk about filling a need! After all, if Tinder has gotten you busy preparing for a date night, who’s going to take care of the rest of your day?

Travel: Flightradar24

No, the most-downloaded travel app isn’t a digital travel brochure or even a handy travel planner. It’s an eye-popping flight-tracker that lets you see the sky as pilots and air traffic controllers do. Called Flightradar24, the app shows hundreds of airplanes moving over maps in real-time, as well as detailed flight and aircraft information. You can even identify a plane flying overhead by pointing your phone at it.

It’s a great example of making something practical – like following a flight family or friends are on – and adding educational features to show the world in a different way.

Utility: Everalbum

Is it any surprise that the top utility app is a photo organizer that frees up space from your device? Everalbum offers the automated transfer of photos in a camera roll to unlimited online storage. It even allows importing photos straight from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The clincher? The unlimited storage space comes free.

Productivity: Burner

Burner brands itself as “your other number.” The app lets you create a telephone number you can give out as your own, while redirecting calls and text to your real one. That way, you never need to give out your personal number to anyone outside your inner circle. The Burner-generated number also integrates with Google and Slack to draw the line between communications for your professional and personal life.

Both Everalbum and Burner show you don’t need to reinvent the app wheel – you just need to devise something that will make it turn a little bit better. Make sure you find an offshore software development team or app development specialist to turn your good idea into a great product.

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