iPhone 7 Features Mobile Development Companies Can Get Creative With

Tue 30 August 2016 Written by Evi

It’s no longer news but it’s still stirring up the tech world: Apple is releasing the latest version of its signature phone, the iPhone7, in a little less than a month. The iconic gadget, along with variants, is slated for launch on September 7.

Here’s a sneak peek of three of the device’s features, based on leaks reported by Forbes. Just imagine what these new features can make possible for users around the globe – and the opportunities they’ll open up for mobile app development companies, which can employ the iPhone 7 to make the smartphone even more exciting.

Dual lens camera

The iPhone 7 looks like it will have a slightly slimmer body, plus a brand-new blue color. Aside from these, its biggest draw is a dual lens camera. Other industry giants, like LG, have already developed their own dual camera units, but it’s always worth seeing what Apple’s designers can do with this technology.

This camera set-up features two lenses with different focal lengths, enabling users to take better wide-angle photos and magnify subjects without using digital zoom. The resulting photographs should be of stunning high-quality, and could especially enhance shots of landscapes and architecture. Dual lenses are a strength top app development companies can exploit, especially to innovate apps for travel and education.

Twin external speakers

Imagine the quality of sound that comes from external speakers designed specifically for a smartphone. This new feature should mean that the iPhone 7 has audio capabilities as great as its visuals.

Apple is also reportedly devising wireless, Bluetooth-powered earbuds for the iPhone series. With both these features available, app-makers envisioning user experiences with more immersive audio elements and soundscapes should have exciting tools at their disposal.

Smart Connector

The iPhone has always been a versatile device. The Smart Connector, included with the iPhone, could only add to its usefulness. This magnetic port could potentially support connected devices beyond a keyboard; detachable camera controls, storage, and even batteries are not out of the conversation. App-makers can reinvent productivity tools with this feature.

In the end, no one can tell how the iPhone 7 will look – and what mobile app development teams can do with it – until it’s been officially released. It’s a good thing creative techies won’t have to wait too long to find out.


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