Emyoli 2015

Tue 01 September 2015 Written by Evi


Emyoli - Quarters 1 to 3, 2015

Written by Evi


It has been a while since my last letter and I would like to share with you some of the latest insights and updates on Emyoli.


The Franchisee model –

On January, 2015 we were fortunate enough to add Mr. Ido Niv , Senior Project Manager, as Emyoli’s first franchisee. Ido joined us on January, 2015 and since then managed to scale onto an independent business that is collaborating and engaging with Emyoli’s infrastructure and operations while maintaining independence and self - control on business / technological decisions.  The franchisee model is proving itself , hence in the remaining period for 2015 plus 2016 Emyoli will seek to add more franchisees who will join a great family and have complete control and decision power over their operations.


Revenue –

2015 is already a record year for us. Half way through the year we were already at last year figures. Hence I expect 2015 to finish very well for us with double digit growth when compared to 2014.  Some of the reasons for this growth are the franchisee model, the return of existing customers to work with us on new projects and the ability to recruit new customers by leveraging our growing reputation as a company that is responsible, dedicated and passionate about mobile / web projects.


I have Emyoli -

I am excited to write that Emyoli is starting today its new online marketing campaign named: “I have Emyoli” . The idea behind this campaign is to bring out and reflect the core values we believe in as a company while servicing our customers  - values we work hard to implement on a daily basis. We have started work on this campaign on January 2015 and are finally at the point in which we can launch it. The campaign will be shown to our segment in the different regions we target via social network platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. We are looking forward to seeing its outcome and to getting feedbacks from you on it. Stay tuned …


Last but not least -

Thank you all for taking part in this great ride. We started this business from nothing in 2011 and are moving forward to grow a long term sustainable company that regardless of its size continuous to lay the foundations of the company on values that are trust, dedication, professionalism and to our employees and franchisees , work – life balance , independence and  teamwork .