After HP Software, Ido Niv joins Emyoli

Mon 23 February 2015 Written by Evi

It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce today Ido Niv, the latest addition to the Emyoli team and its first franchisee. Ido brings with him years of experience in the software engineering industry (see below). From hands - on coding experience to leading teams of software engineers in-house and abroad, he has the complete set of qualities to make him a top-notch project manager.

Ido is the first to be part of the Emyoli franchise model, which gives full autonomy to franchisees while affording all the benefits of the Emyoli operational network. The Emyoli quality network empowers software engineers who come from different tech fields in the mobile/web sphere to create products that adhere to quality, timeframe and budget requirements by working together with experienced project managers.

For more information on Emyoli’s network see this video :

The addition of a senior project manager of Ido’s caliber aligns perfectly with Emyoli's development and growth strategy for 2015 – sustained growth and development while maintaining strong performance, the highest quality service and an attractive price range. 

Look out for his insightful blog posts soon, and feel free to contact him at

I wish you the very best of luck, and have no doubt that you will enjoy great success in this new position.

More about Ido :

Ido brings with him a wealth of experience, including business-critical project management for Hewlett Packard. At HP Software, he helped conceive and build UCMDB, the software giant’s Configuration Management Database that plays a pivotal role in the IT organization. UCMDB helps organizations understand the relationships between their critical assets such as information systems and is a critical enabler for IT processes.

Ido gained the right project management skills for Emyoli from 3 different roles he played throughout his 10 year period in HP Software. As a developer, Ido played a key role in the front end team of the UCMDB.  As an R&D team manager, Ido ran and oversaw a 9-programmer team in Israel and Romania to develop the UCMDB UI, before moving on to a team of 12 to lead research and development of the UCMDB Browser in an agile environment. As product manager for UCMDB, Ido worked in both an inbound and outbound role; product planning, feature definitions and specs, development and release lifecycle, marketing and licensing the software to thousands of corporate customers around the globe. He holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a B.A in Computer Science from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.