Technology Trends for 2015 – Some Predictions

Thu 18 December 2014 Written by Evi


It is nearly 2015 and the big question is what’s going to happen in the world of mobile apps next year? It is a given that, for the moment at least, apps are here to stay. Let's take a look ahead into the near future.


iOS Falls into 2nd Place

Apple’s market share has long been second to Android’s in terms of handsets sold, but they’ve always had the edge in profitability for apps. That’s because Apple’s smartphones are fairly expensive, and they’ve been the premium product in developed markets where there’s money to pay for apps.

However, with Google stepping up to the plate in 2014 to take stronger control of Android we think 2015’s going to be the year when Android climbs to the top of the podium for app profitability.


The Cloud Becomes Ubiquitous

Yes, we know that it technically already is ubiquitous. However, we also know is that the public is only vaguely aware of the cloud. In 2015 it’s going to become much more meaningful as multiple device usage becomes a way of life for billions – there’s going to be a strong and well defined need for work and leisure to follow us from device to device. You may also find that platform dependence begins to disappear to some extent because of this.


The Wi-Fi Revolution

There are new Wi-Fi standards coming out over the next three years. These standards are going to ensure that there are more Wi-Fi hotspots and more Wi-Fi enabled devices than ever before. Wi-Fi networks are going to upgrade and applications are going to swiftly evolve to take on the potential of the new standards. This will be driven in a large part by cellular offloading.


Mobile Management of the Enterprise

It’s time for enterprise mobile platforms to converge to provide management, support and security in a rational well-defined manner and in a similar way to enterprise network platforms already function.

App developers are going to be looking at ways to bring these functions together and to deliver them intuitively over the whole corporate communications platform. File sharing, file synchronizing, monitoring, mobile device monitoring and more are going to be areas of opportunity in 2015.


Mobile Comes First

We may not be witnessing the death of the desktop or laptop any time soon but there’s no doubt that in 2015 mobile will come first. Apps are going to live or die on their performance on the smartphone and tablet computer. Developing for mobile is no longer an option but the first priority.


Advertising goes “Pre-Targeted”

It’s not just about catching a potential buyer’s attention online any more. It’s all about catching their attention when they’re actually in the space to make a purchase.

This is a result of big data availability and we’d expect more and more apps to be taking advantage of this data to provide a more relevant space to market in and higher profits in 2015.