Recommended by Evi Rachmilewitz - Greetly

Tue 09 December 2014 Written by Evi


David, the entrepreneur behind Greetly is a client of Emyoli – but he is also an incredible person to work with who has envisioned a great product. Hence, I feel I can speak objectively when I say that Greetly, the modern automated receptionist, offers businesses and companies an innovative solution that saves on costs and increases productivity.

What is Greetly?

Greetly ( is an automated receptionist. It is a smart iPad kiosk that is situated at the entrance of your office and is able to manage incoming traffic to the office like food delivery, package delivery, and important visitors who have appointments with your staff.

Greetly is able to communicate with the company’s employees in the office, sending them SMS or email notifications upon the arrival of a visitor.

In addition, it records the time of arrival and time of departure of every visitor, offering a great way to audit your office’s guests.

What is the Big Deal?

Simply from a financial perspective, it is a fantastic cost saver. The Greetly kiosk can make the hiring of a full-time receptionist unnecessary, and it stops visitors from interrupting your staff when they are busy on important tasks. Finally, it offers your business a modern, tech-savvy appeal that will impress your important visitors. 

Can I try it?

Actually, you can. Greetly is offering a free 30-day trial period. Just visit to begin. If you like, you can also send me an email at and I will be happy to give you more information on this fantastic product.