iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – Up Close and Personal

Wed 05 November 2014 Written by Evi

Another year, another new iPhone. Naturally, there’s been a lot of excitement about the new device. The big question is - does it live up to the hype? Let’s take a look:

The Screen

For all Apple’s denials that it would never happen – the screen size had to get bigger with this release. That’s a simple reflection of the market. 4” screens are too budget for a premium handset. So this time round the iPhone 6 gets a lovely 4.7” and the iPhone 6 Plus weighs in with a beefy 5.5”. It’s what people wanted and Apple delivered. Unfortunately, the ability to deliver high-contrast levels lags behind the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Design

The iPhone 6 is all about looking smooth. The seamless curves - the whole thing appears to have been hewn from a single piece of metal. It’s not a massive change but it’s a noticeable change and leading the market from a style perspective is what it’s all about. The camera is a bit raised on the back, the only mild spoiler for this look, but it’s not so dramatic.

One-Handed Intuition

We don’t always pick our iPhone up with both hands, and Apple has responded to the challenge of big screens by developing truly innovative and intuitive one-handed controls. That’s something that no Android handset has at the moment. It gives the iPhone 6 a nice edge in the market in that respect.

The Sound

The speaker quality of the Apple iPhone 6 is excellent and it could be considered “best in class” – it’s a big deal for hands-free operation but still not quite enough to turn the iPhone into a media center without speakers.

The Performance

A new A8 processor (dual core 1.4 GHZ) is about 10% faster than the iPhone 5 and 25% faster in graphics terms. There’s also been a substantial improvement in the data co-processor. The iPhone 6 is a seriously quick smartphone.


The 16GB model is simply too small – with less than 10GB left when iOS 8 steals its slice. As usual there’s no opportunity to extend the storage with an external memory card supplier so it’s probably best to invest in the 32/64 or 128GB models.

iOS 8

The new OS introduces a wealth of features including; interactive notifications, widgets, better keyboards, audio messaging, shortcut recall, health apps, better battery monitoring, continuity, Apple Pay, Hey Siri, Family Sharing and much more. It’s a major upgrade on iOS 7 and now that iOS 8.1 has been released – most of the initial bugs are resolved.

The Camera

There’s been no major overhaul to the resolution of the camera but focusing has been improved dramatically and the iPhone 6 plus also gets image stabilization technology. Photos are much better than those captured on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 or iPhone6 Plus?

The main differences between the two are screen size (the Plus is much bigger), image stabilization with the camera (the Plus takes bigger photos), the battery life (the Plus’s battery lasts longer) and price (it can be easily argued that the iPhone 6 is much better value than the Plus with a steep price differential between them).


Apple has another winner on its hands with the iPhone 6 - a solid and exciting handset with incomparable design. It may be a little pricey compared to Android devices but hey, when has that put people off?