Offshore Software Development Company Shares 3 App Success Stories

Tue 15 November 2016 Written by Evi

It's true that the App Store is overcrowded. It's also true that there are app developers who are barely earning from their creations. Yet despite the stiff competition, there are still those who manage to hit it big and become hugely successful. Naturally, you'll be asking yourself how these developers manage to find success when others are barely surviving.

Clearly, the path to app startup success is not cut and dry. To help you understand how successful app developers managed to accomplish their goal, your offshore software development partner shares with you these wildly successful app startups and their stories.

7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout, an app that has been downloaded over 2.3 million times is the brainchild of Stuart Hall, who is also the founder of Appbot. If there's one takeaway from this app's success, is that you should be inspired by everything, as inspiration can come from the least likely of places. Hall in particular, got his inspiration from a book called The Fortune Cookie Principle, which opened his eyes to storytelling and products.


Benny Shaviv, CEO of Fitness22 (formerly Clear Sky Apps) begins the day by studying the App Store for at least 30 minutes. He starts by evaluating the performance of his own apps then checks out App Store reviews to learn how customers feel about their apps. This way, he learns what apps are doing right and how they improve on their shortcomings.

Klick Tock

Every app developer wants their product to be popular, successful, and profitable, but success is just one-half of the equation. You also need to learn about failing or failed apps and learn the reasons why they missed the mark. This way, you can avoid all the strategies that caused other apps to fail. Matthew Hall, Klick Tock founder, used to download all the latest apps and proceed to predict which ones will be picked up by Apple. By studying both good and bad apps, we was able to see trends, detect themes, and identify elements that make an app stand out.

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